Digital Aquarium

By · Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Digital Aquarium

Having an aquarium is a wonderful hobby, and if you are passionate about photography as well as aquarium fish, you may want to take some pictures of Nice fish. As with any type of photography, the two most important elements remain the lighting and composition.

Aquarium Lighting
Try to light and the aquarium top. You could add the reflectors on the outside and into the aquarium to get a variety of results. For example, to accentuate the Aqua feel, add a blue reflector right opposite the light source, in this case that would be under the aquarium. You can also use a blue gel on the light source create light blue. Before shooting, give the fish time to get used to the computer pops up around the sides of his world of aquarium fish are more aware of your environment you can imagine. If you do not want to see the fish jumping out in terror, work slowly and calmly, and no sudden movements. Give time to adjust to any new feature to add. For example, if you just put the flash light looking down at the aquarium, give it a few minutes before adding a reflector.

How to aquarium fish in focus as they turn the container is not very easy, especially if you want to shoot close-ups. To close shots you may need to use extension rings and tubes between the camera and lens. Take a few minutes to get used to the lateral movement of the fish before starting to shoot. If the fish are moving sideways, you can minimize the depth of field, as they are more or less equally far from the lens when going from this end to that. You could even set the camera on a tripod for a gentle left-right-left movement. As you pan the tripod, the shutter while the fire is still in the slow movement. This can create some interesting effects, and minimize the blurring of the fish. If the fish are moving toward you on the other hand, you want to change rapidly to a maximum depth of field, since the distance between you and them is on the decline.

You do not have time to calculate the exposure each time you change the depth of filed. It's a good idea to set the camera in aperture priority mode, if you have the function, and let the camera worry about changing the shutter speed and aperture change.

When working with lighting equipment, to be absolutely sure that the flash head is secure on the stand. If that is separated from the position and falls into the aquarium electricity immediately kill fish.

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