Digital Automatic

By · Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Digital Automatic

Digital photography has proved a great advantage for the wedding photographer. The costs due to the continued decline in the media, photographers can now take virtually unlimited images for a wedding. The large volume of images taken in combination with the fact that digital photographers will benefit now immediately see their work has created a better breed of photographer.

However, many new digital photographers are generally lacking in technical knowledge photography. If the situation is further complicated by the lack of computer skills can be overwhelmed by the complexity of wedding photography. So here are some points which I think will guide you through the transition from film to digital, and possibly help you simplify your photography techniques and therefore his life.

First, I suggest you shoot in RAW. Yes, shooting in RAW is more expensive (due to additional media and space CF Hard disk storage is needed) and requires some knowledge. However, once you learn and implement a well thought out workflow digital will be faster in the event that JPEG RAW editing. Let me say that again for emphasis. With a large application like Adobe Lightroom – Processing RAW images has become as fast or faster than a Jpeg workflow. Mylavalu is a post-processing company that specializes in image processing of the wedding. They charge 21 cents per image for color correction and RAW image processing and charge 23 cents for color correct a JPEG image. It is a fact that RAW images are superior to JPEG and RAW images, now that the images can be processed faster or faster than JPEGs – I say upgrade to RAW. It is superior.

Secondly, we have to forget at least an important technique in film. When shooting the film that would expose our refusal to be paramount for the shadows. I always liked dull skin tones and negative film that was easy to do. In fact, I would kill 400-speed film, but my opinion is 320 to build in an automatic exposure. But digital photography is the exact opposite. Now we to expose for the highlights, because with digital photography but the highlights are too set out below, on the most Highlights are gone – never to return. When you select the histogram of the camera and its image is blinking that part of the image is exposed and that part of the image is gone. So as a general rule, I always try to ensure that the highlights in a digital image are still present. I still want images to be bright, but I will tell what the overall brightness and shadow detail in Lightroom.

Finally, we will talk about setting camera. Because RAW allows easy color correction of my lot of outbreaks of study in automatic white balance. I think most of the images come directly from our little Canon camera with color correction necessary, but it's nice to have RAW adjustments as a backup. Furthermore, our study of outbreaks, mainly in f-stop priority mode. F-stop priority mode means you are setting the f-stop (eg 2.8) and the sensor sensitivity (eg ISO 400.) The camera automatically adjusts shutter speed to compensate for the amount of light entering through the lens. Instead of worrying about the shutter speed and color balance, I spend my time making the partner feel special and unique and creative capture images. That does not mean the color balance and exposure can not are important is just that modern cameras and editing software, RAW images are so good that, as a rule, you can easily fix the mess-ups later.

Zen Todd is a highly respected professional wedding photographer. His visual style and expert artistry have garnered his studio entrance into the most exclusive wedding vendor lists in the World – the renowned Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Five Star Platinum List and the exclusive Beverly Hills Bridal Bar. Zen’s celebrity client list is extensive with recent celebrity weddings that have included Molly Culver from the hit TV show VIP and Paul Stanley the lead singer from the rock-band KISS. To view samples of his work go to Destination Wedding Photographer and to view Zen’s most recent happenings go to his blog at Destination Wedding Photographer – Blog

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