Discus Fish Secrets | Different Colours and Varieties

By · Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

There are many discus fish secrets to be discovered, but many people do not know just how many different colors and types that there are of discus fish. When it comes to discus fish secrets, here you can learn all of the colors of the discus fish and how each discus fish will never be the same as another.
Color varieties

1 The most common of discus fish are the brown varieties which can be seen mostly in the wild. They have a brown color for their base, and a secondary color which is barely visible.
2 Blue or green discus fish are the next most common variety but they tend to have a bit more of a second color which is either blue or green.

3 The next color variety of the discus fish is the royal blue variety. This discus has a second color which creates stripes across the whole of the body and has a gold color for the base. These varieties of the discus fish are the most popular and are responsible for discus fish becoming a popular fish to keep. They are easy to tell apart from bred color discus fish because they have even less of a base color, with the golden color becoming brighter around the area of the breast.

4 The red spotted green discus is very rare in the wild and tends to be only bred in captivity and has a red color for its base with a green second color with holes in it which forms the spots.

5 The last color variety of the discus is the heckle which is actually a different species of discus all together and they can be identified by the three black bars running down their bodies which are a lot thicker that other discus fish.

Another discus fish secret is that there are only two discus varieties which are the red turquoise which had a reddish base color and has green stripes with black bars. It is also possible to get a leopard discus of this variety which is when the red stripes appear as spots instead. The second discus variety is the blue diamond which is called solid cobalt when the black bars on the body have been removed through breeding and it in turn gives the discus a brighter color and less bars which is the case of most solid discus fish.

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