Driftwood Live

By · Monday, January 25th, 2010

Driftwood Live

Going out to dinner with his family should be an event hope that instead of a stressful experience. If you know where to go in Austin, you may experience the fun you're looking for. Here are a few main options for family friendly restaurants that are affordable and have a varied menu for you to find something for Members, including the smallest of its family.

Gatti Pizza – Launched in Texas over 40 years, this popular spot offers pizza recipes author, a buffet pizza, and a game room that is perfect for children. He has over 15 locations in Austin, for the ultimate in family fun.

Cost: Less than $ 10 per person

Kerbey Lane Cafe – Kerbey Lane has been a milestone in Austin since 1980. He has a great menu including a crowd favorite, breakfast all day, and several options for children 12 and younger. Meals are reasonably priced and are created from fresh ingredients and natural meat. There are four places throughout Austin.

Cost: Under $ 10 per person

Salt Lick BBQ – A well-known barbecue place in Austin, Salt Lick is a must for families. The restaurant has locations in Round Rock and Driftwood – serving both delicious and all-you-can-eat family-style restaurants at a reasonable price. There are special offers for children 12 years and 4 years eat free.

Cost: $ 10 – $ 15 per person

Frank and Angie Pizzeria – Frank and Angie's offers a pleasant atmosphere and festive and is known for its delicious thin-crust pizzas. They also have sandwiches, salads and desserts that promise to satisfy the whole family.

Cost: $ 10 per person

Waterloo Icehouse – An ideal meeting place for family and friends, Waterloo Icehouse Austin offers seven locations. The restaurant features live music living and an extensive menu that offers kids everything from Mac and cheese mini corn dogs.

Cost: $ 8 – $ 12 per person

EZ – Located in North Austin, EZ is a great choice for quick and easy – family meal. They are known for their wood brick pizzas, delicious burgers and a lot of options children's menu.

Cost: $ 5 – $ 10 per person

The next time you are looking for a delightful place for family dinner, take a look one of the restaurants above. They are sure to please every member of your family.

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