Driver Switching

By · Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Driver Switching
In CA, who is at fault if the driver is behind the composition due to a sudden stop in traffic such as changing lanes?

It is stop and go traffic on the highway and the driver made the sign. The driver was available when the car proceeded to go ahead. That's what I thought too. The person behind the driver should have increased the space. Thanks for your answers! Thats interesting Thanks Brian K.

In general, the combination of concentrations failure to complete is to blame … Probably should not try to squeeze in next time. If the merger is completed by contact, then it would rear Enders Since it seems that fault were not complete in its lane change would be to blame. Everyone else is wrong in cases of combination "The person behind the driver should have increased the space. "Yes, but do not have to allow your lane change.

Drivers switching to bicycles (Art Barron)

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