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By · Monday, September 14th, 2009

Drop Checker

You could say that the phrases "Tier I" and "backbone provider" is a bit redundant, while others can say that go together comfortably (like "Coca-Cola ice cold"). functional change should be between a Tier I provider (eg AT & T, MCI, Sprint, Savvis / C & W, Global Crossing, Qwest, Level 3) and companies that are not Tier I providers – that they themselves have to buy the bandwidth providers Level I.

The best example might be a local Internet provider offering T1 and DS3 service in a regional area, which may have their own different offices interconnection facilities serving in a region, but would have to send traffic to a Level I provider, if the traffic goes outside their region. The provider makes money Tier II for the purchase of a fixed amount of bandwidth, and selling it to many subscribers. The company must decide what level of containment of its customers should be exposed. If you take a look at the W (wireless) ISP Forum Reports BBR see several threads from time to time discussing something like "how many customers that come in a T1." Different providers have different philosophies on how much your network oversubscription. What is true in the world WISP is also true in the Internet world by cable, and also in the world of Tier II. Think of it this way: if a local provider level II as "X-Com" (composed of the name) sells T1 service a new customer, are added incrementally to purchase bandwidth wholesale? No. But if Sprint sells a T1, your client will get a dedicated port to the Sprint backbone at full speed without contention.

In general, there will be a price advantage of the use of a Tier II supplier compared to a Tier I supplier, the Rank II Level I Providers below pricing and can afford to do as they are oversubscribed their network facilities.

Source suppliers Level II may be excellent bandwidth, low-cost network If your needs can absorb occasional delays or added latency (I'm not talking about the cuts) – if not time mission critical or real things, or if not you resell the bandwidth.

Others may have other thoughts ….

The fund is not only Store in the price. There are more than making a good business decision that the dollars and cents. You need to ensure you get exactly what you need, regardless cost.

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