Dry Filter

By · Saturday, June 13th, 2009

Dry Filter
AEM dry flow filter in the system of admission of securities Honda Civic?

It will be a filter aftermarket AEM dry flow, fit in a population 1994 Honda Civic EX, the air intake system. I only replaced the filter itself, so I just want to make sure it would be desirable. The size the filter is 2.75 "which is what I think the same size as the intake of the shares of the Honda Civic. Will adding this filter I get an improvement in HP?

Are done after the air filters market value systems. I doubt you will see no appreciable benefit, and who still have the stock air box. It is better to pull all air filters away 10K or 15K miles.

Re: video of my wet/dry filter(Actually A SUMP my bad)

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