Eco Plus

By · Saturday, August 8th, 2009

Eco Plus

When most people think of Auto Detailing, focus on cleaning agents and the machines to be the best type of work. There is a misconception that the harsh chemical cleaning agents are the only way to get your car really clean. However, these products are not always the best way to deal with stubborn stains such as tar brake or tree sap deposits. Besides, cleaning agents do not break down easily and can contaminate soil or water if allowed to run into the ground. Hazardous ingredients found in these chemicals can also damage health the user. The good news is that chemicals may provide an alternative green auto detailing not only more effective but also environmentally friendly.

Green Technology

The best type of eco-cleaning products are easy to auto detailing those based on plants. This means that these products can break down naturally and completely in the environment, which leave no harmful residues in the soil or water. They must be non-toxic. Auto Detailing Solutions green non-toxic cleaning are harmful to the health of all users.

In addition to the false idea that harmful chemicals are the only solution, there is another that often discourages people from buying the chemicals in green herbal auto detailing products should not be so powerful. This simply not true. Green car detailing chemicals are highly effective and powerful addition to being secure. Using smaller molecules that soaps traditional penetrate the earth and fat molecules, breaking them down from within. This makes it much easier to remove completely.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this kind of car detailing products work better with the right type of cleaning machines. For example, the pressure of conventional equipment washing is not always a good choice because of the types of high pressure can damage the car body. By choosing this type of equipment, always keep an eye on the kind of pressure levels and flow rates offered by the unit. The ideal price would be a kind of pressure of about 1000-1500 psi and a flow rate of about 0.5 L / min. This will ensure effective cleaning power, that will not damage your paint job in any way. The relatively low flow rate ensure no water wastage, which can be especially useful for areas where drainage can be a problem. For the most advanced results for auto detail work, even low-flow pressure washing chemicals green car wash.

The right kind of cleaning

Another thing to consider is that different vehicles require different types of cleaning agents. For example, the wash used on large trucks and fleet vehicles will be more powerful than those designed for ordinary vehicles. Echo truck washing environment should be powerful and versatile enough to clean the different types of metal surfaces with vinyl and fabric. You should be able to apply a rugged land and the tires, and interiors and windows. It's even better if the car detailed solution can also work to prevent change of membership of the grease and dirt on a freshly cleaned surface.

By choosing green chemicals for self-projects are detailed, are not just choosing a safe product to the environment, also are opting for solutions that are more effective cleaning. Plus, you never have to worry about these products, leaving behind toxic traces that can corrode the body of the vehicle.

Auto detailing is a great method to make your vehicle spotless and looking like brand new with different car washing equipment & techniques like steam car wash portable care wash, mobile car wash with cold water or a steam pressure washer.

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