Eggs Artemia

By · Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

Eggs Artemia
My clown fish are bred in my tank, please help me my roots larvae! How can I do?

I have a couple of clown fish have laid eggs 5 times now, havent been raicing larvae suxcesfull, I just keept alive up to 3 days. I did some research and what I've done is this .. When the Hach sifoning sac Tanck them in a small 5 gallon tank, which has a Heatter and an air line with a little air coming out of it. I think Tham small (very small) Artemia but begin to die, I do water changes every day make the whole subject of death (fish, Artemia). I thik the problem is Im not feed on plankton, but I do not know how. Help me achieve this challenge .. Thank you. (sorry for spelling I'm from Mexico)

I breed different groups of clowns and now I have two breeding clowns Allard. I still have to remove any of my fry from the main tank, and released very few. My question is, why take them out of the tank? Are there other fish that eat them? Move small salted fish does more harm than good. Keep them in your large tank. There are pleanty of matter zoo that is floating around them to eat and thrive. Parents care for the eggs and fry. An air line in a bucket does nothing for frying, but move the FRY around. Do you have a light? Still need dissolved oxygen filtered enters the tank. Try to leave their eggs and fry in the main tank. Give the plants, even plastic to hide in while they are young. If necessary, put them in a network of reproduction in the main tank. The tank provides a cube is not. The next time you see what happens.

Artemia eggs hatching, 3 hours real time

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