Eheim Rena

By · Monday, February 1st, 2010

Eheim Rena
What filter is best for saltwater aquariums thirty gallon?

Rena Fluval, Eheim? and testing and chemicals have to start I know I need a protein skimmer (whats that) and a hydrometer, why the need for that? Help, please

Cartridge filters are the Shyte Rena! XP4 is the god of the world hobbiest filter … XP2 or even 1 one would suffice and forth 30 gallon saltwater fish do not produce more FOWLR waste than any other fish of comparable size and performance, which are only sensitive to nitrogenous waste surface skimmers remove contamination from the surface water .. fractionate protein skimmers suspension and collect waste in a cup skimmate specific gravity is not a reference to salinity .. are not two things different to say that we need both a refractometer and hyrdometer, are just two different technical terms

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