Electric Gravel

By · Friday, March 27th, 2009

Electric Gravel
Do you think we should use light colors instead of black asphalt as necessary to reflect the heat of the sun?

Global warming is a great news now. We can help you with colors of light in buildings, roofs and where feasible. We must remove the black asphalt in the parking lots and use pressure gravel and clay. This is used in some cities already. Black asphalt has poor emission and low reflectivity. It heats the air, pollutes and contributes to higher electric bills to stay cool. Another syndrome is the thermal heat island. This means, in the inner city there are a lot of black surfaces that absorb heat and gradually released into the atmosphere. In Chicago in 2000 there were over 2000 deaths because of this. Now they have changed from black to light colors when possible. I ask all make an effort in doing this. We can stop global warming or diminish the right thing. Thank you.

If you calculate the total land area covered by asphalt, you see that there would be no difference to Global Warming. Most of the Earth is not covered by asphalt. However, in cities, a color clearer, asphalt will definitely be a good idea and have the freshest local area.

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