End Cap

By · Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

End Cap

A recent study has suggested that through a concept of using a concept of expandable, inflatable, expandable wing unmanned aerial vehicles and aircraft combat. This concept was discussed whether current aerodynamic design methodology would be applied. This concept, in fact, that transcend many existing technologies and future. So there was some discussion of similar aerodynamic theory known and most close to the concepts according to what has been said for the most part, Common sense is good. For example, the need for simplicity and weight and complexity of the motors and moving parts.

And in thinking about this one sees the benefits of "little or no additional parts and complexity," as we should be concerned with EA "electronic attacks" in the future. The electronic components for more trouble over failure or "Murphy'ism!" Research Laboratory of the USAF discusses this in his recent annual report. The simplicity of the material and non-motor memory means less space for more is available for fuel. In an air vehicle design unmanned these concepts can also lose the pilot less space, cost and complexity.

It makes sense, but one would think that we can do better, using some of these new technologies and materials. We know much about what research is needed both in the past;

Some in the group of experts has indicated the need Stealth to be the key to survival. Many tend to agree with much of that line of reasoning. In fact, in future warfare be as rapid as that seen first and shoot first, always wins. There would of course be no points for second place and absolutely no need for a requirement of compulsory education or regulated under way, which was no longer among the living. So, with that said the secrecy and in the future: the cover-up, be invisible or come from an outside time and space dimension would be worthy. For now, the fast shutter speed, multiple objectives, Net-centric instant BlOS are the other components requirements of the game. In the future you can add faster than light communication and quantum computing to that. Everything will be here before we know it, with respect to all known written human history.

The idea of using memory materials for the lead / end-cap makes sense and change it out high speed there would immediately cause a roll of the cell. Like racing motorcycles, after hitting 150 mph if you move the helmet that is 2-4 inches immediately in the next lane. Does not take much. Ailerons are really very sensitive to those speeds, ailerons are used to maneuver so well. I doubt that the type system canard to stabilize at high speed is absolutely pointless. But a small aerodynamic change that sticks at high speed makes a big difference. We know this technology Missile?

Much of the problems with the flight control rates of roll, pitch and yaw have been made already and there would be no reason for these questions can only complicate the use of additional technologies to incorporate the material and spare memory expandable to slow speeds. We hope that you remember the NASA test from the top with wings on a UAV, which fell off a transport plane. Mars has applications for UAVs as a buzz too, and a communication flight and monitoring component. Dryden test 2001, if you recall, see the sequence of deployment of the wing with the technology demonstrator deployment inflatable wing. The pilot wings are fully deployed during the flight after separation from their carrier, is an entire wing, not just a wing section as in the expandable, inflatable, expandable wing unmanned air vehicles and combat aircraft concept that discussions with a strong leader deposit hard / EDGE Spar concept.

Besides the Navy, "Monarch" extendable wings once deployed, UAV many of them also have extendable wings before flying and many vagrancy missile concepts have wings, starting in flight when ready target for attack. The original idea was more in keeping with a car Flying with an extendable arm, here's another thought on this subject:

There should be research and some test and evaluation using the newest new inflatable material, which has the ability to take the wing loading requires a fighter plane. We have to think here.

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