Epoxy Putty

By · Monday, December 14th, 2009

Epoxy Putty
How can I hang semi-heavy objects without damaging the walls?

The place where I can if I damage the walls anyway. I do a pavilion on the roof that people often use a staple gun to secure. I was thinking of using epoxy putty, but I think it will damage the walls. I need it the support of large quantities of tulle and lights. What should I use?

3M hooks in the ceiling will not work, its strength is in pure attraction, not hanging head … simply remove the ceiling. Anything that hovered over customers must be solid and tape, safety latches are not a solution in this case. Without knowing what the ceiling is and how it is designed, you're probably out of luck hanging ceiling lights, especially if the cap is not designed with electrical outlets. The best option would be to find a theatrical stage lighting or a local rental company & Go and talk to one of your salespeople. They can offer ideas and permanent equipment to be free. I know you want it so, but if your site is not configured to allow 'so', you may have to compromise a little. Good luck …

Using Epoxy Putty for Molding Fixtures

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