External Cannister

By · Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

External Cannister
Help with external media filter flask?

I am thinking of buying a 'AQUA SUN SCF1200. said that its filter media including, but not sure of what comes with your type. can recommend anyone with what media to use. I want the growth of bacteria that the bio-ball offer, but also I want things that are filtered poop and other things in the water. Here is a description http://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/catalogue_products.php?prodID = 4296 & catID = 6

You really should find a filter you can buy ready media has made in your local stores. It makes life much easier to live. In my external cartridge filter, do it yourself using all materials. For mechanical filtration (1st layer), use of poly-fill pillow stuffing (100% polyester without flame retardants). Becomes clogged with debris in half the normal time of a filter medium itself, but to do double the filtration. For material in the aquarium, they sell the boxes of filter media that can be cut with scissors to fit the tray (tray on a filter) or use a rubber band to wrap (in a cylinder as a Marineland magnum). The batting material is expensive … so you can buy in bulk on eBay generic pre-cut for most filters. For Bio filtration I use a blend of Seachem Matrix pumice stone and broke into a shop for home improvements. Bio-Balls are not as useful in a container that small. You need about 5 gallons bio-balls be very effective. Anything less is a gimmick and a simple sponge filter will work better. If you really need chemical filtration, I will add carbon in a nylon bag.

DIY external canister fish filter: filter material upgrade

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