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By · Saturday, May 9th, 2009

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The Hardy Boys WWE came with one thing on their minds and that was that some day win the WWE Tag Team title.

As high school students of brothers Wrestlemania saw a pay per view and decided that day he wanted to become professional wrestlers.

After the pay per view is available to children to start his own brand of professional wrestling that would show anywhere allowed. They ended up playing in front of crowds at local high schools and fairs and markets premises.

When they finally got their big break and broke into the WWE decided not to let an opportunity go to waste.

Nobody in the world, including members of the WWE had no idea what to expect from high flying team, but soon discovered that the "Hardy Boys" were in WWE to stay and that they would be making waves rather than waves.

It was not long before they got their first shot at the titles and finally full fill their dreams of title holders to overcome the APA for its first championship team title tag.

The Hardy Boys managed to break the walls that no one would have expected to see in the world of wrestling.

There were things such as ladder matches and the witch sat TLC match for tables ladders and chairs. these types of parties, requires enormous amounts of high flight and the tactics of opponents who had to work outside their ends to keep abreast with the team if blinked you would miss something great.

The Hardy Boys finally added to the mix a fighter by the name of Lita. By adding Lita extreme team became unbeatable. Lita is the perfect choice because of its high-flying techniques that he loved.

The time came when the Hardy Boys decided he wanted to move on and focus on their individual careers in the WWE.

As individual competitors that they too were fantastic, but still nothing compared to when they were both top flight team in WWE.

In 2007, the Hardy Boys decided to meet one last time to see where to go in a short period of time. Well, it was quickly apparent that the team never lost or forgot how to fight as a tag team library.

In 2007 he captured his seventh title of the tag team before returning to pursue their individual careers.

Since only Matt and Jeff Hardy competitors have had great success, but nobody can measure the success that they had endured as a team like the Hardy Boys, or as a team of Extreme.

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