Fan Cooling

By · Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

Fan Cooling

Ineffective cooling case is one of the main reasons for laptop hardware failures. Anyone can keep your computer cooler in four (4) easy and low-cost ways. Many tops quickly overheat because the fan is blocked and stops the flow of critical fresh air. Overheating can degrade performance the computer to a crawl and stop working permanently. Your notebook will last longer and run cooler, less hardware failures, through these simple steps.

Easy ways to stay cool

1) If you're like everyone else, sooner or later ends his laptop on his lap. Many case fans are at the bottom of the housing. If the computer is sitting on your lap, what are blocking the flow of cold air gets inside you. This is not good. Overheating can occur rapidly.

To keep it fresh, make a small thick book and sit in his case there. Do not be aware of your fan to block the book cover. This will cause the fresh air flow space between the fan box and legs. An egg cut in half, it also works very well too. This will help keep your computer and much fresher legs.

2) Much of our planets population lives in very hot temperature zones. If you are outside on a hot day with the top, find some shade before use. Never use it in the hot sun. The temperature inside a computer case in the hot sun can reach more than 300 (° F) in less than a minute. Failure LCD screen hardware, CPU, hard drive or motherboard is sure to happen. So keep your notebook and cool yourself sitting in the shade. Even in the shade, use time limit only in a hot summer day.

3) Think about investing in a stand cooling, cooling fan standing or cooling. Even a low cost of less than $ 20.00 will provide a good amount of additional cooling. This is just going to add extra cooling at the top of the existing cooling fan where appropriate, externally attached pad cooling fans. A fan of additional equipment will complement existing cooling system and reduce overheating problems. More fans equals less cooling and increase heat damage over time.

4) Keep the LCD screen, keyboard and fan grill clean and free of dust. Avoid using your laptop in a dusty environment or dust dirty. And the dirt quickly accumulate in your case fan. This accumulation in a short period of time will stop the flow of fresh air to reach its critical CPU, disk drive or the motherboard inside your. Clean your case and if your fan grill often.

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