Feeder Timer

By · Thursday, April 9th, 2009

Feeder Timer
Small electronic pet feeder?

Does anyone know where online or in and around London can get a small feeder electronic pet – which sets the timer for the flip open, small enough to fit in a hutch? Even the smallest cat I can find is a bit too big. Thanks, do not worry, I never let her go and is only for when you work late.

I work in a pet store in the UK (pets at home) and only know of dogs / kittens. But one thing style dispenser may be able to use for them, that is an acceptable size for small animals. This is for dogs / cats, but there are a smaller shop for small animals. Http: / / www.petsathome.com/find/keyword-is-food+ dispenser/product-is-20152 If you are planning to go, just giving time food is not really the best solution, someone must come and give the rabbit grass and fresh water and check not sick or injured.

COEB223 Numec Project: Mechanical Timer Fish Feeder 08/09

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