Fern Live

By · Friday, July 10th, 2009

Fern Live

I personally have never been tempted by artificial aquarium plants, but that's probably because I was a gardener living before I got my first aquarium so the choice between live plants and artificial plants seemed a no-brainer to me. I just had to be live plants.

Of course, artificial aquarium plants are increasingly more and more natural looking all the time. You can do incredible things with silk and plastic these days. I mean, look at Barbie and Ken.

In Seriously, I can see its appeal, especially if you think that growing live aquarium plants is long, but let me assure you something. Not much time to cultivate live aquarium plants. They are so easy to plant as their artificial cousins and once established they cling to the bottom of the tank.

Fish do not want love say that the fish love to eat. Most fish come out of their plants, but they only do enjoy swimming, including resting in them and some of them will help keep them clean by chopping at any algae that takes over.

Live aquarium plants keeping nitrate levels to use as they grow. Now it is a trick that artificial aquarium plants can not do. No nitrates plus chemical control and wondering what he is doing to the fish. Because Live plants use much of their nitrates that can do the smaller water changes as the tank matures reducing maintenance and saving time.

Yes, you may need to prune from time to time, but think positive, you just remove nitrates, when you can, because they have been using your toxic nitrates and convert plant matter, so every time you have to prune your plants is helping to keep your fish healthy.

And do not worry about adding CO2, and even additional lighting is not as necessary as it may have been led to believe. There are plenty of easy to grow plants that grow in low light and live quite happily without added CO2. Well if you want to grow super fast then the route of CO2, but not essential. I've been growing aquarium plants healthy for years with about two and a half watts per gallon of lighting, much like a tank without sowing and without additional carbon dioxide.

One of the things that I like a planted tank is that it changes all the time. Go on vacation for a week and see how plants have changed when you return. It seems natural, the fish are more brighter and more healthy in a natural environment and maybe I'm a bit shallow, but I love the comments from friends and family when they see the tank and see that everything is natural.

You see, like they think that growing live aquarium plants is difficult. But I know the secret. It's easy, but hey do not tell anyone!

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