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Veloce The company was formed by a family of motorcyclists, who showed through design and quality manufacturing of machines called Velocette.

That family was that of Goodman, and three generations of the company controlled Green Room over the years.

Between 1913 and 1925, produced Velocette high quality but expensive 250cc 2-stroke, which gained an excellent reputation, introduced in competitions like the Isle of Man TT races. The single-cylinder Manchin had many advanced features for its time, which included inter alia an acceleration of the controlled oil pump. It was these advanced features distinguish them from other manufacturers, and this model was extended over the years.

In the 1920s, the company realized that to grow, requiring a new machine that had advanced specification and set out to develop a camshaft 350cc engine, which became known as the K series, which was introduced in 1925. After suffering a year of minor problems with the new design, which came into racing events such as the TT races and Brooklands. The reliability and the qualities of the smooth running of the new engine led to a number of racing successes.

In 1930 he had made his name in the TT with wins in the Junior race in 1926, 1928 and 1929, using the OHC motor. Also had reached the end of the development of its first 2-stroke engine.

The 249cc engine was the GTP, and left the crankshaft hanging from its predecessors. The other machines had produced all OHC 348cc engine, which had thin, light lines, along with a drive shaft and bevel on the right. The magnet was adjusted and was driven back by the chain. The dry sump lubrication oil and the dynamo, once installed, took the lead crankcase and driven by a flat belt.

Three models are offered. The KSS sporting roadworks for the runners, there was the KTT 1 Mark, who became the first production racing machine for sale to the general public and is based on the 1928 machine works. The third model is the KTP, which had ignition coil and dual exhaust.

In 1933, the KSS and KTS models of gearboxes had introduced four-speed, however there was still a large gap between 2 times and small sports models camshaft.

To fill this gap, Velocette experimented with a 350cc side valve model unfortunately lacks power, and then designed the MOV 248cc model. This had the OHV engine, a high speed driven camshaft, valves closed and the dimensions almost square. It is always a good performance and the first models could produce a speed of 60 mph, and tuned models were capable of 100 mph.

In 1940, The company listed its range of road machines, but before starting the production of these, war broke out and the company changed to contracts in general. During this time, they built other machines as a technological base and their own careers. The pieces were mostly interchangeable and causes no problems, this practice soon spread to the private owners.

After the war ended, the company tried to capture what he saw as a need for development to transport and set up the LE model. It was a double-level 192cc water cooled, with side valves. It is sophisticated, but expensive, and was less successful than the company expected and, although it became their best-selling model, the cost of the massive tool of this new machine barely recovered.

The late 1960s were the last years of the Velocette motorcycle production. Production for the Viper and Vogue ended in 1968, the Special Scramber and resistance ceased in 1969 and the SMS & Thruxton venom production ceased in 1970.

Veloce Ltd closed in February 1971.

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