Filter Aqua

By · Monday, October 26th, 2009

Filter Aqua
Can I put my Aqua-Tech filter without a filter cartridge?

I have a male betta and wondered if I could put in a bigger tank with the filter, but there is no cartridge in it. This new tank is more than twice the size it is now, so I definitely want to move it. So I run the filter without a cartridge for a while until my mom can take me to the store to buy the filters? Also has no filter or aerator right now. And can get along with two female platys?

A filter can go without a filter cartridge, but it will not be doing any good because the cartridge is the filter that keeps water clean and orderless. Without filter cartridge will only distribute water. Your male betta can go with female platys but I suggestt male, because if women can become havepregnantt in pregnantt again without a man and his tank is probably too small for that to happen. But yes, if platys already have a female betta can live with them. I just want leave the filter off, the fish should be fine for a couple of days without one until thecartridgee.

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