Filter Aquarium

By · Friday, December 11th, 2009

Filter Aquarium

When starting a freshwater aquarium, there are many critical components that must be present for successful, healthy and vibrant aquarium. One of the most important components of the filter system. A filter system for freshwater aquarium is necessary because it removes waste from the aquarium. A filter system is necessary for any tank if you are raising goldfish or tropical fish, though, you might be able to raise a small number of fish in an aquarium without a filter system.

The size and type of filter to use will be determined mainly by the size of your fish tank. The filter system, including pump is rated for a given size tank, larger aquariums require a pump that can pump more water at a slower pace. One trick I've learned to decrease the amount of maintenance (cleaning of tanks for example), is to get a filter system with a pump that is classified as little more than the size of your tank. Or, get a pump that is valued in a range of sizes of aquarium and buy one in the lower range is closer to the size of your tank. For example, if you have a 35 gallon tank and system filter has a nominal pump tank sizes from 35 to 55 gallons then it would probably be a good choice for a filter system.

You can choose between various types of filters that are present in the market. Examples include the fall in the back or power filter, filter cartridge and filter gravel.

A cartridge filter is a powerful filter that adapts to the medium and large tanks. This is a filtering system that is placed inside the aquarium, but outside the aquarium, usually in the cabinet under the aquarium. I have this kind of filter for a 55 gallon tank with less fish could have, which means less maintenance.

Another common filter is the filter for power. These are very common and come with most kits aquarium. They are easy to install and provide adequate filtration, although some require frequent cleaning.

Undergravel filters are also very common. These filter systems clean the tank by pumping water through the gravel at the bottom in your tank. This filtering system is adequate and is often the filter of choice for fans of aquarium fish. A disadvantage is that it can be difficult to clean the tank if I use an aquarium vacuum or siphon.

The most important thing to keep in mind when buying any type of filter is that it must match its specific needs. If your aquarium is large, choose a filter that provide adequate filtration. Choosing the right filtration system means less maintenance and more time to enjoy your fish.

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