Filter Cartridge

By · Sunday, August 30th, 2009

Filter Cartridge
What size filter cartridge is best for 25,000 gallon in ground pool?

We must find a cartridge pool filter as We can not backwash. Our borders a wetland area of the pool and washing in a wetland is environmentally disastrous (and, not to mention illegal). Thus, the sand and DE filters, and the like, are beside the point.

Hmmmm. Well cartridge filters come in all sizes. Things to consider are the size pump, the frequency of cleaning and the cost of replacing the cartridge. Pump size is important because you do not want the filter is not enough. Normally cartridge filters working on a rate of 1 gallon per minute per square foot of filter surface. There are some differences, however. Do not buy one too small for the pump power. The cleaning frequency depends on the size of the cartridge. Larger filters require less frequent cleaning. Cleaning the thing is no big deal, but it's annoying. Replacement cost of the cartridges may vary across the scale. Some are less than a hundred dollars. Other several hundred! Take a look at replacement costs before buying. It's a good idea to buy a "spare" when you purchase your filter. If you do well the dealer will give you a discount on the purchase of replacement cartridge filter. "Having a spare allows time to clean the dirty filter at your leisure. Simply install the spare and clean the dirty later. Also, compare the warranties on the filters. Some are virtually nonexistent, others are very generous. (Remember, companies rarely guarantee anything that costs them money to repair / replace.) Comparison of security is a good criterion.

Changing a Sediment Water Filter Cartridge

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