Filter Flow

By · Saturday, October 31st, 2009

Filter Flow

Ford F-Series line of vans have been the most popular leader among the largest sales volume in the last 30 years. The most available online, more widely and easily customized model, the F-150 is the benchmark among competitors. It is only the truck competitors use as a yardstick. With summer just around the corner, the price of gasoline no doubt that that the upward movement. Whether or not we see the price levels of $ 4, 2008, no one knows, but why wait for the inevitable and begin to make that move to a more efficient selection of fuel-up. It's a hard concept to understand considering that most of these popular models are V-6 or V-8 engine. But have no fear, here are some of the above products can be purchased up not only their performance but also to earn up to 25% increase in fuel economy.

The least expensive and widely available is the filter add high airflow. These filters are specifically designed to allow not only the truck engine to breathe more efficiently, but is washable and reusable. Therefore, removing the "replace air filter "stage in its list maintenance. to clean high-flow filters also an extra net increase of 1-3 miles per gallon in the model to a 5.4 V8 a new body in 2009! K & N, Airaid, BBK, and have a wide range of filters and intake systems for the new body F-150 or more and are affordable at only $ 35-55 depending its implementation. The participation of more fuel injection equipment performance are a bit more expensive, but to gain a performance advantage heavier more they look great! A must have, too, and take approximately 15 minutes to replace your old filter in a factory.

A nice throaty exhaust is a must have in the F-150. A popular custom installation gives your truck from a muscle car sounding appeal, while making breathing it easier for new or used vehicle. A quality exhaust all combustion gases dissipate more efficiently than a stock exhaust system. Companies as Borla, Magnaflow, Roush, Flowmaster and others provide easy to install kits that require no welding, and can be easily installed in an afternoon with only a few basic hand tools. Most of the box complete kits with all hardware, clamps, bolts, mandrel bent tubing, chrome tips and how they have added more Complete instructions to simplify the process. Its stainless steel exhaust gives you better gas mileage and will look and sound good on the street.

And the performance Finally add the basic chip performance. Priced between $ 80-120, a performance chip re-educate the computer and adjust shift points and production fuel to help you save money on gas. In addition to this modification, the truck will make better use of energy when changes in the transmission of algorithm performance. Most chip installation in about 15 minutes with little effort or having to use specialized tools to do the job. As air filter, this is an easy DIY, and instructions are almost always included. Setup will not count in a broader power programmer, more adjustable and customizable to be had, but at a steeper price, of course. If money is an object, stick with only the performance chip and can not go wrong. Beware the Hypertech and Superchips chip for the application you're looking for.

As a result, there is the small group of elements of performance that the economy report better fuel and more horsepower in that new or old Ford F-150. In 2008, people were so impressed by the madness of hybrid dealers sold their popular cars available to them for many thousands more than the sticker price. There are several ways to convert cars, vans and trucks, even in a hybrid with no that much time or the trouble of having to spend thousands of dollars. For more information on enabling you truck into a hybrid type vehicle and get thousands of dollars in tax credits from the IRS, please see the link to my website below. The overall results of customizing your truck blow away onlookers and made a big impact on your portfolio.

Find out more on how to save money at the pump by finding the right performance goods for your Chevy, GMC, Ford, Dodge, Nissan and Toyota truck. And get some exciting tips and tricks on putting a electric hybrid conversion on your truck for only a couple hundred dollars. Please visit my website for more:

Shaun Davidson-Automotive and Finance Consultant-2008

Episode 5: True Flow Air Filters & Air Intakes

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