Filter Freshwater

By · Monday, January 5th, 2009

Filter Freshwater

Understanding your situation helps you decide what kind of fish are found within its range to keep as pets. The lighting and filtration necessary in the tank, and other possible devices needed to maintain success, vary with the bioburden and the needs of residents, including fish and plant life.

A new fish tank needs to cycle for that to become a healthy habitat for all its inhabitants. Cycling the tank refers to establish the nitrogen cycle when the beneficial bacteria convert ammonia from fish waste into nitrates which are then converted into nitrites that are harmful to fish and can be used as fertilizer by the plants in the environment. This can be managed by ensuring sufficient habitat for beneficial bacteria to live and maintain this biological filtration of ammonia. Beneficial bacteria live in the bed of gravel in the filter, and the water itself. Use of gravel with a surface high, which means it has a hard surface increases the area for the growth of bacteria and allowing oxygen to gather and help grow bacteria. Lots of bacteria grow in the filter itself, because it's oxygenated after passing through the pump, and the surface of sponges and filter media in the filter to give wide area and a perfect environment for bacteria to proliferate. When cleaning the filter and the tank is important to keep these people not to disturb or clean them off too. Always replace the filter pieces at a time (ie the replacement of the carbon, but maintaining the old filter and sponge), not to disturb the gravel in excess when the cleaning of waste out of the bottom and do not change too much water at once.

As for tank size always choose a large tank of healthy fish. The first step is to decide between an aggressive or tank of the community. The fish you choose must be compatible in temperament and water quality. Tanks are aggressive often host to various types of cichlids and catfish, while the tanks of the community may be the home danios or tetras. Some semi-aggressive fish like a Gourami or angel fish can be housed with teaching peaceful fish, but we need more space, especially if more than one point and some aggressive fish are housed together.

Some most common and easy to keep the fish can live in a range of pH, temperature and water quality and are perfect for the amateur inexperienced, while others, who are often more expensive harder to keep alive and may require more precise terms. Some fish need special food, as live food or meat in front of more plant foods. Make sure you know what the specific needs of the fish that is bought before taking home.

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