Filter Koi

By · Sunday, July 12th, 2009

Filter Koi

Sintered glass is full of pores or capillaries that provide a huge area for nitrifying bacteria to grow. Therefore require more packaging small to achieve adequate filtration. Some forms are cylindrical and tubular. This media can be very effective when used with other types of media in a properly designed filter system.

Brushes are available in widths ranging from 10 to 23 cm and lengths vary depending on the container being put on. The brushes are usually used to separate solids, but can work effectively as a biological medium. Being lightweight, it can give them the poles, which makes them easy to lift for cleaning.

The foam is another means of dual purpose available in different grades based on size vacuum. Foam may require regular washing to avoid blockage which can lead to water backup and overflow. To maintain cleanliness to a solid separation minimum, ensure that there is enough before the stage of the foam.

Plastic tubes and hair rollers with holes and numerous bristles throughout its length, that allow for free flow of water and have a significant area as well. They are also light and, when placed in plastic mesh bags, easily removed for cleaning. If used as a biological filter, use pond water for cleaning.

Mats are sold in sheets measuring 2X1M. When cut to size and formed in the cartridges, which allows a free flow of water. At the same time, a slow flow of water through the carpet by itself increases the time the water stays in contact with bacteria nitrifiers. The cartridges are easy to remove and clean.

Organic products can help filter and water condition. Some of them, taken sea, trace elements and offer help to buffer the pH or acidity and alkalinity. Another is supplied as a roll of thin plastic film in relief, only 6 mm wide. Its surface coating of calcium carbonate provides a high surface area where bacteria can grow, and the extra weight keeps floating.

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