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By · Friday, December 25th, 2009

Filter Sock

Caring for your clothes. Who does not know the famous scene in which a friend surprise visit us (or worse, a surprise visit from our mother in law) and at the same time we are looking for an open space on the couch, you find that is hidden under a mountain of laundry.

Would not it be great if you could be different? Service Laundry is one of the most common household chores, Here are some tips from the home to help get it right.

First, the treatment clothing like an assembly line —

Towels and linens —

No battery in a laundry basket! His compilation of all of them rooms directly in the washer and go.

When weather permits, hang laundry outdoors. Besides saving electricity, you can run the following machine at the same time (sheets and towels require long drying time because of their size and weight), and as an assembly line, put the following machine in the dryer.

Laundry Baskets —

1. Keep two baskets, one for clothes and one for bright and dark colors. When members of the family take off your dirty clothes, they are asked to put them straight into matching clothes basket.

It's not so complicated, the clothing is already sorted and therefore ready for the machine. The establishment does not require much more space, because the two baskets can be relatively small.

2. Use the washing machine as well as clothing a "barrier", ie not pile all the clothes together, but put certain items on the machine itself, such as colorful clothes. Turn the machine immediately after when full. Again, this is a great way to save time and piles of dirty clothes.

3. In households with more than one floor is not necessary recommended maintaining laundry baskets next to the washer, but rather to fit the behavior and habits of the family.

Meaning: if the rooms (on all the bedrooms of children) and the bathroom are on a different floor washing machine, put a laundry basket in the room and / or bathroom. Of This way, you prevent the piles of dirty clothes in the bedroom and bathroom floors, and also keep going up and down the stairs with soiled items.

Since that most of us tend to wash the baby's clothes separately from other laundry items, you can keep another separate basket near the baby's chest of drawers.

Before you put the clothes in the washer —

Check all pockets and ensure that no objects such as marbles, stones, coins … (which can damage the machine) or tissue; it could get messy messy when collapsing!

Make sure all hoses are out, turn and print applications inside and closing the zippers.

To avoid the nightmare of 'only' socks – put your socks in a bag wash that is designed for this purpose from there into the dryer. Or, alternatively, return the single sock in your underwear drawer. The next operation of the washing machine can lead to a family meeting "someone from the socks to match.

Putting things into proportion. A little sweat and a little dust does not require us to our "chef" laundry 70A or 90A º C º C (º F 158A / 194A ° F). Again, the goal is to save time, electricity and maintain our web to look exhausted. Moreover, as the temperature, the use is lower, so that the need for color separation becomes less important.

Drying laundry —

Do not strangle the dryer! Laundry dries faster and with less wrinkles, when the dryer is not fully charged.

Due to different clothing requires different drying periods, you may want to check in occasionally and remove items that have already been exhausted. Thus the number of items in the dryer and thus reduces the time to complete drying. (Again, save electricity and time)

Folding the Laundry —

Fold the linen and towels as you take them off of the lines (only takes a few minutes) and make directly in the closet.

If possible, a comfortable space near the dryer or the clothesline and fold the cloth on the ground "(particularly articles relatively large like jeans and sweatshirts). Thus, you can avoid the "transmission" of the piles of laundry through the house, creation of "mountains" and also prevent back pain.

Ironing Board – can be used as a table for folding laundry and practices to prevent back pain.

Folding laundry effectively – rather than trying to cope with several large piles at a time, starting with sorting and folding initial. First, remove large pieces of the stack and fold. It appears that to reduce the hassle of seeing.

That, socks, underwear, Bras … in a small basket and from there to their place in the cupboard / drawer.

T-shirts, turn them Inside-Out … and so on.

Even if you failed to fold clothes because everything had to attend to another task, there was a significant decrease of the mountain and the need to treat it.

Warning! The treatment of various cleaning materials like regular cleaning substances. Meaning: the shop on a high shelf and keep them away, out of reach of Kids!

Enjoy the night and forget to run a machine before bedtime …

For more tips on household laundry and more.

Ninet is a homemaker of many years. She has learnt the value of good household tips for dealing with the more troublesome chores. She herself publishes such household tips on leading household tips sites on the net.

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