Filter System

By · Sunday, April 12th, 2009

Filter System
What is the best filter system for tropical fish?

I've been running a tropical fish tank for the past 3 months with a system filter plate. I wonder what is the best filter system for this. Undergravel or internal filter system is the best option. I have been problems with Haninge pump being connected to the filter plate and am considering switching to a Hydor Ekip Thermofilter and would greatly appreciate any advice given.

In general, the best type filter for a home aquarium is a filter for power. The guy who is hung on the back of the tank and water drawn by it. They are efficient, fairly inexpensive and easy to maintain. The you are considering is an excellent filter, but not so easy to maintain as an external model. They do however have the advantage of being inside the tank, if space is a preminum or astetics are important. Excellent to grade, I wholeheartedly endorse it. MM

BMW E46 318ci 2.0l With OBX Exhaust and filter system—-2nd angle

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