Filter Waterfall

By · Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Filter Waterfall

Before installing a water feature you need to ask several questions first:

What is your budget? How much can you spend on whole project? You can spend $ 3,000 on a water feature and find it still needs an additional $ 1,000-1,500 for plants and services, as a cover, gazebo, walkways, fish or
landscape lighting in the pond, waterfall and lawn. Other possible extras are a biological filter, autocomplete for skimmer pond,, back-bio-disposable filter, and more.

How big is a water feature? If you are building your own, then structurally size is not such a big problem! I charge the same price of a waterfall 3 feet high as it would for a 5-foot, the same for a 3 by 5-foot pond as 4 by 6. There is only a difference of $ 200 in costs between 1,000 and 2,000 square meters of concrete shell. His main concern about the size space should be no cost. How much of your yard can be sacrificed? Even if the space between his house and the fence line of the property is limited, a water feature can be incorporated.

Small ponds 1 ½ to 3 feet deep can provide a sump pump located in the pond. Although a sump pump is expensive, consumes far more energy than a surface pump. A deeper pond requires 3 feet of an exterior pump for better accessibility and maintenance, and a greater cost. But they pay for themselves in a short period of time and energy savings. Also, larger ponds require greater filtration, more housekeeping.

The size of the waterfalls will determine the size of the pump is necessary. The largest of the waterfalls, the largest pump to supply water and the higher the cost of electricity. Height creates head pressure which requires more energy and is the largest operating cost factor.

How do you entertain? Will you need a deck? If so, how big? You might consider a pond near a deck existing. Many people do just the opposite, to build a pond and then build a bridge next. In this case, you can take advantage of an existing deck and construction of an open stairway (stair bridge) to
cover the entire pond. This offers unique access to the opposite side.

Will you have enough space to table and chairs? Do you want a spa? Or a bonfire or barbecue? Lawn enough for games? Where do they spend most of their leisure time outdoors? That is the area of the waterfall! The waterfall will bring the most fun, so it must be situated near the area where you
plan to spend most of their time outside home.

Do you want to view or listen to the indoor waterfall? Consider adding an outdoor patio or french doors to the house to access your property zone water. You wish to fish and other aquatic creatures? In the long run, a cycle maintenance costs of nitrogen less than adequate maintenance of a pond that uses chlorine and other chemicals. Fish, plants and bacteria are necessary for the proper pond healthy and nitrogen cycle. Once set correctly, a healthy fish pond is virtually maintenance free.

Are you willing to remove or replace certain trees or shrubs to improve the waterfall and pond? Some trees have roots very aggressive, that can literally move concrete as they grow, causing cracking and upheaval. Certain trees can
greatly contribute to the waste water feature that foul the water and can cause premature failure of the filter system.

What kind of rock do you want? A rock is commonly used cobblestone. However, because of the round shapes, water rolls over the surfaces and creating a minimum of sound or visual effects. In contrast, irregular, angular, with sharp edge
granite or similar rock creates turbulent conditions similar to the white water as flowsover edges. The greater the "white water" as more sound is produced. In addition, a secondary benefit is the aeration of water which benefits fish and discourages production of algae. However, do not try to match the color of the rock with the decoration of the house, brick and other features of your home. A natural contrast is good stay!

What about the electrical supply for the pump and equipment? In 20 years I have never seen electricity costs to supply power to the equipment site exceed $ 1,200, and the average is less $ 400.

What about water supply for an automatic leveling system of water? The water is very accessible in any home and make it the source water on site is a minor expense. Simply tap on a water faucet outside.

There are hundreds of questions that arise in the course of a proposed water source. The best thing is that the Most of these questions are answered before the start of construction could save hundreds of dollars by avoiding mistakes.

Look before you leap and research before mourn. Happy koi, peace and joy.

Douglas C. Hoover; CEO of Aquamedia Corp, master Waterfall Builder,architect, engineer, freelance writer, author, designer & builder of over 1,900 waterfall and ponds in CA (26 years). Invented the AquaFill electronic water level control system for ponds, pools, fountains & spas Learn Water Garden Digital Design:

Waterfall Filter Installation

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