Fish Aquarium

By · Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Fish Aquarium

The Neon Tetra, Neon tetra is one of the most popular aquarium fish. Its maximum length is just over 3 cm. Neon Tetras is a fish good for a community tank of small fish. Some other fish can be kept with Rasboras they are small, small tetras and livebearers like guppies and swordtails platia. Pepper and bronze catfish are scavengers suitable for a tank of neons.

I do not recommend putting Neons with large fish like sharks Black, Gold Gouramis and Tin Foil fence. In nature, size Neon Tetra fish are a natural food for Angel Fish.

The Neon Tetra is closely associated with Cardinal Neon Tetra axelrodi and green neon Neon simulans. It is less closely related to the hundreds of other species.The neon tetra (tetra) was the name of William T. Innis.

It comes from the Amazon River. This is a tropical area and the neon tetra is a tropical fish. Neons should have hot water unless you can keep in a room that never cold. I suggest aquarium heater thermostat at about 23 or 24 degrees C. Neons do not like very hot water, and temperatures above 30 degrees should be avoided.

The Neon comes from water that is almost incredibly smooth and moderately acidic. However, they can be kept successfully in water with pH 5.5 to 7.4. They can live in water pretty hard, but if you raise them, great care will need to recreate the water conditions in wild neon. For a Aquarium of the community, I suggest a neutral PH

An aquarium of the community should have plants or other. This looks good, both for humans and provides some security to the fish. In plants, the fish will actually show more.

The Neon is a schooling fish, I recommend a school for four or more. A school of Neon in an aquarium is a very beautiful sight. Neon colors lost in the dark, but recovers quickly when the light comes back.

Tetras Neon eat all common foods, like flakes of aquarium. Fry the dry food is also good for them. There is only one size. but is more high in protein and other nutrients from food most of the fish. Live food is good for neon, as it is for other fish. Frozen blood worms are easily available, and Neons love.

Pest Fish Although it seems difficult to invisage this fish as ecological vandalism, attention Shaud be exercised to prevent release of any company in the wild.

Also see on the Betta Trading Web Site. Steve Challis has many other fish fact sheets and other articles on

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