Fish Eheim

By · Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Fish Eheim
Too many fish for the filtration? Large fish require more filtration of small fish, is this enough?

The first tank is 90 gallons Theres 9 fish cichlids. 6 of them is 6-9 inches. They are big, but not aggressive with each other. The filters and gals who try are: 1 Eheim Ecco (media and bio filter, until 80g) 1 Fluval 305 (bio and filter media, up to 70 g) 2 Magnum 350 (up to 100 grams, one with the media the other with a bio filter) 1 head Hagen / filter 50 (50 g) 1 head 110/filter Hagen (up to 175 g) 1 heater 300w, 1 150 w heater I also have a 30 gallon with these fish, two 5 inches. The filters are End 1 Top 30 (30 gallons) 1 Whisper 20 (20 gallons) 1 Elite Stingray 15 (up to 15 gallons) 1 head 50/filter Hagel (up 50 gallons) of 1 150 Watt heater in terms of water quality, these tanks are set?

With many filters you would think so … but do not say what that cichlids you have. 9 electric yellow baby would be fine in a gallon of 90 but 9 of baby Oscar clearly not (it is not necessary to consider the adult size they are now) While your filtration is more (what was clear is that both study groups), then I could slighly too, but you still have to keep up with weekly maintenance. Edit your Q and I can answer better, but I'd say your guess in the clear filtrate wise. Best of luck ps Angel. Also when they say that up to 50 gallons, which can be taken two ways. 1) 50 gallons per hour (underfiltered for GAL to 50) or 2) 200 gallons per hour (only the right to 50 gal) i know but aim to confuse and be clearer, =) EDIT: just thought id add, wouldnt that "look" better than that for the 90 gallons that has a filter 150 liters Mulitple instead of smaller? Then youd be more filtered (good thing) and only has a filter. Just thought I add it in good lucky!

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