Fish Eheim Rena

By · Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Fish Eheim Rena
What is the best type of filter tank?

I have a tank of 50 liters of salt water. about 8 fish, 50 tanks clean (snails, hermit crab). perhaps later adding coral. a store told me Rena is the best, another tells me EHEIM is better, and another tells me that Magnum is the best. What is the best? Which brand is the best.

Eheim is the best of these filters, with a first-class quality, perfect silence, and easy to use. The Rena is a excellent filter is good for hitting the ball, quiet, decent quality. Fluvals are the cheapest I've used and while not bad in its own right, quite cheap made. However I have found all of them are equally effective for the most important aspect – the leak. No experience but with the Magnum.

MALAWI setup update

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