Fish Filter

By · Friday, October 30th, 2009

Fish Filter

Bottom view of nitrates in a saltwater aquarium is essential to have healthy colorful saltwater fish and seaweed to keep inconvenience to a minimum aquarium. High nitrate levels in the tank usually can be traced to some of the key factors that are discussed below.

How to lower nitrates in a saltwater aquarium

Carefully Feeding – Feeding saltwater fish is something that has to do but just throw some food in the tank is not the right approach and can lead to increased nitrate if uneaten food gets trapped in the filters or blown into the zones will be to putrefaction.

Instead you should turn off all filters and pumps and add small quantities to ensure that fish consume everything. Do this for a few minutes until the salt water fish are rounded and full bellies.

They have the proper load of fish – Overgrazing of your tank water fish salt is a guaranteed way to have high nitrates and problems that come with them. This is a common problem, especially among new tank owners and saltwater fish.

To avoid excessive sure you start with a smaller one fish per ten gallons of tank volume water. Gradually add fish a couple of weeks apart and be sure to test your nitrates during those few weeks. When you find your nitrates have begun to increase after a new fish also can not add more and are at the limit of its storage tank.

Increase the storage tank – Make sure you change the frequency of salt water and vacuum the gravel to remove the residue level. They also make a habit of changing your filter pads each two weeks to remove fish waste and uneaten food that will begin to decay and add nitrates. By increasing the frequency of cleaning aquarium filters and change the water tanks will be removing the things that cause high nitrates.

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