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By · Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

Fish Gsk

The U.S. Government spent $ 200 million to buy Roche's antiviral Tamiflu and an additional $ 51 million in April, for the similar drug Relenza from GlaxoSmithKline for the collection of defense for treatment of swine influenza virus. Although these drugs do not prevent the onset of the disease and are not worth the immune system of protection, the public is led to believe that these drugs are the only effective remedy for the patient.

But as we know, drugs do not effectively prevent the disease, nor will make healthy, all they do is reduce or eliminate symptoms. However, nature always humanity with a variety of herbs, fruits and vegetables that have proven effectiveness for thousands of years, such as Okinawa Goyah (bitter melon), or the Japanese Shiso (Perilla leaf or seeds). Both are widely used in Asian cooking and anti-virus and anti-bacterial properties are well known. Shiso leaves are essential in every sushi bar, Americans' think they are for decoration, while that are intentionally used to keep raw fish safe. The sea vegetables, ie marine algae (seaweed) is a rich source of fucoidan, a substance that is effective to stop the proliferation of cancer cells. There are even familiar with home grown produce anti-viral properties, including plums, red grapes, apples, cranberry, ginger, garlic, cauliflower, kale, cabbage, dandelion, onion and more. Pine needles, Pacific yew (Alaska to Northern California) are highly effective in treating tumors and respiratory diseases, it seems natures in response to fears of swine influenza virus.

It is interesting but not surprising is the fact that the active ingredient in Tamiflu is derived from shikimic acid, a natural compound produced in the Chinese plant star anise and ginkgo, but Tamiflu is synthetic and laced with cancer causing excipients such as saccharin and sodium benzoate, and medication side effects are strange behavior.

It follows that the best protection for any viral infection is healthy eating, a diet that includes clean, fresh, lively place, rather than ingestion calorie of food killed and then trust in government stockpiles of Tamiflu or Relenza.

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“In Foodture We Trust”, Heinz R. Gisel; Xulon Press, March 2009. ISBN 978-1-60791-265-1

Heinz R Gisel is a Personal Nutritional Concepts and Medical Devices Innovator, based in San Diego and Tokyo. He is the Founder of Vitality Concepts Corporation and Doctors 4 Vitality Clinics, LLC. He developed a a clinical, non-invasive analysis system that can detect disease before any symptoms occur, without radiation. He believes that Nutrients belong into food and beverages and not capsules and pills and he has patents pending on such nutritional concepts.

Medical Research Council – ‘MRI’

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