Fish Medication

By · Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Fish Medication

Keeping tropical fish can be a fun and relaxing hobby, but there is nothing fun or relaxing on the treatment of an outbreak of Ick. This common disease aquarium fish is known in the scientific community as Cryptocaryon irritans, but it is known to freshwater and saltwater enthusiasts everywhere as Ick.

Ick appears in the body of the fish as little white spots, no doubt, is the common name of the illness of others. Also known as white spot disease, Ick may look small grain of salt. In more advanced cases of the white spots may coalesce to form larger white spots, and fans must always be in the search for these signposts.

Other signs of infestation can include rubbing Ick on the substrate, rocks or equipment in the aquarium, as well as lethargic behavior, suppressed the fins and labored breathing. Fish Affected too often.

This common disease progress in three distinct phases, and it is important to determine the degree of infestation so that proper treatment can be carried out. When Ick is visible to the naked eye trophont responsible for the disease has already dug in the mucous membranes of the fish, which has held power in the body fluids of the victim.

In the typical home aquarium temperature 75-80F this initial stage will last only a couple of days after the disease has been detected, when cysts that fall off the fish to form a tornont.

Ick The second stage begins with the formation of this tornont, who can swim for a couple of hours before to settle in the aquarium substrate. At that time the tornont be susceptible to drugs and chemicals commonly used to treat the disease, and fans should use this time to get the infestation under control. Once the tornont starts playing will be immune to chemicals and other treatments, so Time is of essence.

Those organisms that reproduce rapidly are sometimes called swarms, and if not find a host within a couple of days will soon die. For this reason, even a heavily infested aquarium is safe for the cattle again if all fish are removed during this time. The problem is that if the fish are introduced to the tank before Ick is under the control of the cycle begins again. And with each new infestation the number of infectious organisms increases dramatically.

If Ick untreated is almost always fatal for fish affected and the disease can spread rapidly throughout the tank. Besides the primary Ick infestation of fish affected may be more susceptible to a number of other problems, including fungi and bacteria. It is important to treat the affected livestock promptly to prevent this spread.

Fans can choose from a series of counter remedies in the Ick, but the vast majority of treatments use the same basic ingredients. Is important to carefully consider treatment options, and weigh the benefits against the potential side effects and other potential problems.

Treatment # 1: Fresh water immersion or bath
An easy way to get rid of the Navy-Ick is infected fish give a quick dip or fresh water bath. Hyposalinity This method is very effective as a first step before to require a quarantine tank and medication. De 'salsa' we mean a brief dip fish in the prepared water.

Ick Treatment # 2: Medications
Before medicating the tank is always a good idea to clean the aquarium and vacuum thoroughly. Cleaning the tank will help remove nitrates, ammonia and other pollutants, which in turn, increase the effectiveness of the medication.

Also note that regular water changes during treatment is not recommended Ick. Change the water dilutes the medication and reduce its effectiveness. It is therefore even more important to start treatment with a clean tank.

If you use the carbon filtration system is also important to remove before treatment. That's because the carbon they trap the drug, leaving less of it in the tank. Make sure the rest of the filtration system is working effectively, and there are plenty of surface agitation in the tank. This movement of water will help distribute the medication evenly throughout the tank and help kill all susceptible organisms.

Treating Ick infestation is never a pleasant experience, but it is very important. Almost all the fans will to cope with this common condition eventually. Learn how to identify them early and treat effectively is the best defense.

Article written by Patrice Lapointe
To learn more about aquarium fish diseases, visit Aquariums Life

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