Fish Mox

By · Monday, January 26th, 2009

Fish Mox
My fish swims SETBACK ??!!?

OK, it's a goldfish buggeyed black and always has been rare since I bought it, like sucking on ITD a rock and let your body float for hours in a corner of the tank. and always eating everthing you put in a pig. (not Litterally) and turn upside down to ITD times. But in reality nothing backwards! it doesn't wobble or try to swim, nothing, backwards, from one end of the tank to another and after normal and nothing changes again. sometimes bonks her large eyes on things …. Ive put some back into the water, put drops in parasites, Mox fish, I also have some snails and a platy fish but do error than fish. So yeah, help? What else should I do, what's wrong with my fish rare? Do you think he swallowed a stone? Does fish fart? Oo Oh — It's a Black Moor Goldfish. Oh, no! I feel so bad for my fish! poor fish, -.-, its so sad!

fancy goldfish as black moor has a long history of losing control of his bladder. swim bladder is what allows them to be optimistic. without control of fish and that this is the float sink into the ground up, or do what he is doing his. This is not something that can be fixed. will be so forever. Sometimes it is caused by byoverfeeding Peroid one long time causing him to become "bloated". the time you can go to the surface and feed can live that way. but chances are he did not survive long. Although it is possible for them to live several years that way.


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