Fish Tank Aquarium

By · Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Fish Tank Aquarium

If you are familiar with Biorb aquariums, chances are you've seen the new Biorb aquariums life for now. If not, its time you do, because the tanks Bio Life orb are some of the best aquariums in the market looking. It recently received the coveted Editors' Choice Award at a trade show industry in Las Vegas. With elegant, rounded edges and the color scheme, the Bio Orb Aquarium Aquarium Life is the dream of an interior designer is.

Some things you might not have known about the life Biorb

 • The upper opening of the Bi field life is greater than in traditional Biorb aquariums, making it more easy to clean and maintain

 • The square design means there is more surface area to fish in a round of Biorb, which means more fish tanks are compatible with life than with the Bio orb Aquariums Biorb Classic

 • Each comes with Biorb Intelligent LED Light ($ 105 value)

 • Use the same kit easily replaceable filter cartridge Biorb service Biorb tanks use classic

 • They come in red, black or white and in eight, twelve or sixteen gallon sizes

 • Can be used as a saltwater or freshwater aquariums

 • They come with everything needed to start and setup your aquarium, as well as fish

Design aside, the construction of life bi orb does not anyway. The New Life Tank offers the same ease to change the filtration system as classic Biorb aquariums. That is good news for any person who already has a Biorb tank and want to upgrade to a sphere Bio Life. This means you do not have to spend more money on the purchase of new filters and accessories kit Biorb service is designed to work in the world Bio Life & Classic Biorb aquariums. Biorb tanks life are the most expensive of Biorb aquariums, starting at $ 295, it's pretty expensive for a fish tank.

Tips to save money

 • Search for "Bonds Biorb Life" online before buying, you probably can find a coupon that can save $ 20 – $ 40

 • Find a shop offering delivery free

 • Do not overfeed the fish – fish supercharging means your tank is faster and dirtier, you must change the filter more often and may buy again if his fish die.

Any more question, the life Biorb aquarium looks great and works well, but its price keeps it out of reach for many. If you are looking for a Bi orb life, trying to find discount, and if you has money to spend, then this fish tank can only be perfect for you.

biorb fish tank

African Malawi Cichlid Fish Tank Aquarium

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