Fish Tank Marine

By · Monday, December 28th, 2009

Fish Tank Marine
what is with my marine fish tank!?

I have had my marine aquarium set up for just one month, and now I have green algae mostly everything. i dont understand whats wrong all my levels are fine chemicals and phosphate have not you ever … I'm have no idea about 10 kg of live rock that i no its not much, but his face. I only have 5 fish in a three foot tank can someone help or suggest anything! I clean and do water changes weekly

Its quite common for new tanks for marine algae. Her share of the sedimentation tank in. Your tank probably has finished cycling, so it was more likely that some of nitrates and phosphates in the water to feed algae growth. You can read low or 0 now, because algae consume him. Is algae slime? Very likely. They try to divert as much as possible, and make a change of use of distilled or RO / DI water. Reduce the consumption of fish food, and perhaps reduce the amount of light. This will happen in time ..

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