Flake Food

By · Monday, September 28th, 2009

Flake Food

Today, the Betta fish are becoming increasingly popular as pets around the world. There is much to learn about caring for Betta fish, but with the right direction and it's really not that difficult. This article should serve as a mini-guide, with 2 long points to give the best possible experience Betta. These councils around the two issues that seem to me more often distorted, leading to errors Betta owners can prove fatal for your fish.

Know How to feed properly: With so many opinions out there on what to do, and the lamentable number of Betta fish die each year due to supercharging. First you have to choose a food, there are several options. In a category that we live foods, these include brine worms and blood worms. Betta fish food love alive, unfortunately most of these are high in protein and fat but low in other essential nutrients for a healthy diet.

So what other options? As is specifically formulated to meet the needs of your pet's diet, you have flake food and pellets. Nutritionally, which are the same. But I prefer the food pellets, because all the pellets is approximately the same size and measurement for an easy meal. Flakes very in size and the amount of food you feed your Betta a meal to another can fluctuate. If you go with pellets at two in the morning and two at night is a schedule ideal feeding. The stomach of a betta fish is only as big as your eyeball, so if you can not remember if it is fed to the fish or not is better to be on the safe side and just wait until the next feeding time … that can go long without food, so your pet will not starve.

The conditions Water: When it comes to water conditions, the care of Betta fish can get a little more difficult. Make sure your water comes from the tap that is Chlorination uses drops to ensure that the hard minerals are removed or neutralized.

When it comes to water changes, I will not be too drastic. The quality of water depends largely on the beneficial bacteria growing on it. So while you want to keep the water clean, not to remove the large colonies of these bacteria at a time, they need to grow. I prefer to make 10 to 20% water changes every few days and keep a consistent schedule. Doing this and using a filter with a bag bio-help maintain healthy levels of bacteria in the tank.

Caring for Betta fish can be an exceptionally rewarding experience. However, getting a hold of the right information can be quite an ordeal, and due to the nature the species learning how to take care of a Betta fish the wrong way can quickly result in a dying pet.

I have reviewed the two Betta care guides that I found most helpful in my experiences over at http://www.how-to-take-care-of-a-betta-fish.info These guides have proven invaluable to me and take just a minute to check out.

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