Float Fill

By · Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Float Fill
If you fill a bathtub full of water, then put on weight are you?

If you fill a bathtub full of water (on a scale, minus the weight of the bath), for example 250 liters (which is approximately 250 kg). And then (100kg) into the tub, and float. That the scale reading because of 350kg or 250kg weight?

The total weight will be 350 kg, not because you are actually weightless. The reason they float is because you are less dense than water, so that the weight moving water with their volume pushes up with the same amount of force that gravity is pulling you down. (Calling this kind of weightlessness is like saying an object on a table has no weight, the only reason that is not due to the collapse of the normal force pushing upwards with the same force that gravity is pulling it down.) So, when you have the situation bathtub, the entire mass of the top of the scale is measured by the scale. Thus, the total system will weight of 350 kg.

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