Float Valve

By · Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

Float Valve
The bathroom is very noisy, I have to fix and I wonder if you have bad float valve / float?

The bathroom is very noisy when full, I think it may have low pressure float valve and my water pressure is very high. If I tap the shift while another is filling the silences a sharp whistle of a soft thread. no isolation valve will so I wonder if there is another way to take off some pressure without replacing the whole thing or lose the pressure of other things like the taps! might place something in the pipe going to it as a piece of sponge or something to stem the flow of water? There is water splashing in the tank is so noisy that it's just that no preasure Sooooooooo visit through such small hole in the unit!

I would not recommend using an object which is not intended to be used for plumbing, plumbing for an application, I sometimes think that the term "Pandora's box" is derived from doing same thing. Also in my experience, a good say in the field of DIY is "if something is worth doing is worth doing good". Being the third generation plumber I feel you have to do in this circumstance would be to add an "isolation valve" as he referred to it. If they were considering adding something inside of the pipes I am assuming that you know how to turn off your water supply pipe, the next step is to determine the size and material of the pipe and go spend a couple dollars in your local hardware store. I recommend getting what is called a quarter-turn valve ball. Thus enabling reduction water flow without some of the problems that arise from the use of other types of valves for this purpose. If the supply pipe is out of the wall behind the terlit "" (our family), then a "valve angle" would be useful. Hope this helps and good luck.

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