Floating Pellet

By · Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Floating Pellet

There are a variety of dust control products available on the market today. One of the most common examples of this is the carpet in your front door. By eliminating particles of dirt off the shoes of a person, the dust in a home or business can be very small. It's that simple. The little things really add up here.

The humidity was the original dust control products introduced. By adding water to the air, fine particles of dust floating charge weight when coupled with drops of moisture, making themselves too heavy to stay aloft. With this principle in practice, many companies designed and built equipment perfect this method of dust control.

Most of these types of equipment to use a fan to drive air only, but a fine mist of water in dust-prone area blows, literally, the dust in the air. Other companies took a step further by adding hygroscopic material to earth. When sprayed water, earth in combination with these chemicals not only absorb more moisture, but retain it for a long period of time. Magnesium chloride is the product chemical that has shown minimal impact on the environment and yet be an effective part of this process.

For indoor use, water spray is very effective in most cases but can not be used everywhere. In such cases, fume or dust that is connected to a ventilation system must be strong used. The advantage of using a dust collector system as a way to control dust is that fine particles can be reused or sold. This is not possible in all cases.

In some situations, the particles are being removed are too heavy to be airborne for a long period of time so that a localized the system is more efficient. With advances in engineering, not a dust control product out there for virtually any need.

Additional information can be found regarding how a product called Dust Stop can be used to keep dust contained, especially in construction areas where dust is most prevalent. Check out the Dust Stop Zone for more Free information.

tiger stripe shovelnose catfish eating floating pellets

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