Flower Horn

By · Saturday, December 12th, 2009

Flower Horn
flower horn my partner is not playing please tell me what to do to play?

I have a couple of fish Flower Horn, who belongs to parent of the same, but when the two are left in the tank, they are fighting instead of breeding, please tell me how to raise flowerhorns

I wish there was a simple solution. The problem with fish breeding and even flowerhorns is that people think they really like eachother. cichlids dont like each other Flowerhorns fish are vicious and most of the time just trying to kill his partner. First, you are sure of the opposite sex who are second, giving a water change sweet (to keep the tank clean and ensure that levels are good) Third What is the size of the case if the tank is not by chance race you will need a cause enormous tank that will put a beating on eachother all I can say is keep trying and good luck

flower horn fish competition..

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