Flowerhorn Fish

By · Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Flowerhorn Fish

In Feng Shui, water symbolizes wealth. The word "fish" in Mandarin is pronounced the same way that "excess". That is why fish farming is one of the most effective ways to achieve wealth so you can enjoy a life of excess.

In order to activate the energies of wealth at home, shop or office, you have to learn to build an aquarium on the right track.

When I'm talking about setting up your aquarium in the right way, I'm not talking about water temperature nor am I talking about ammonia and nitrite levels. I'm talking about setting up an aquarium based on the principles of Feng Shui to attract wealth.

Where to place your aquarium?

The location of your aquarium is very important because you want to put it where ever energies ideal for accumulating wealth.

Of the four sectors of your house, the front and back have the biggest impact on your estate. It is not advisable, however, creating your aquarium at the back of his house.

The back of the house, where rooms are usually at, is a sector that should remain calm and silent. Since there is not much activity and excitement generated by the aquarium with fish of the pool pump and filter away, it is recommended that you place the aquarium in the area of front near the front door.

What is the shape of your fish tank?

You may not know this, but the shape of your tank Fish is an important factor you need to pay attention to when setting up the aquarium.

Buying a fish tank the wrong way can actually adversely affect the health of people living in the house (or working in the office) instead of attracting wealth.

The best fish tank (strictly from Feng Shui perspective) is a circular tank.

Why are circular fish tanks the best?

First, circular fish tanks do not have sharp corners (or "poison arrows"), which can be harmful to your health.

Second, a circle belongs to the Metal element. And according the cycle of birth of the five elements, metal is melted into a liquid when subjected to intense heat. Therefore, the metal is said to give birth to water (of wealth).

The conventional rectangular tank (with 90 contour lines) is considered good or bad so if you can not find a circular tank, go for the rectangular ones.

How many fish should I keep?

The number of fish must depend on its rear element.

If you belong to the water element, you must have 1 or 6 fish.

If you belong to the Fire element, you should have 2 or 7 fish.

If you belong to the element Wood, you should have 3 or 8 fish.

If you belong to the Metal element, you must have 4 or 9 fish.

If you belong to the Earth element, you must have 5 or 10 fish.

This does not mean that the fish has the most, you attract more wealth. The number of fish to keep on the size of their fish tank. After all you want is a thriving aquarium.

What types of fish should you keep?

In general, You can save any kind of fish, although the Arowana, flower horn fish (Luo Han) and goldfish are good to attract wealth.

Logan Wong is a writer for Feng Shui Metaluck, a weblog offering free Feng Shui tips and resources.

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