Flowerhorn Food

By · Friday, September 11th, 2009

Flowerhorn Food
. Flowerhorn shy 10-gallon tank?

.. .. My Flowerhorn is shy and does not eat well when I put some food pellets, when I … my Flowerhorn was about 2 weeks, but is too shy .. my Flowerhorn was about 2 and a half inches long .. and my tank is 10 gallons .. plss answer immediately! .. thnks ^_^..

The most obvious problem is that you are trying to maintain their Flowerhorn in a 10 gallon tank. Even a child needs Flowerhorn cichlid of at least a 50-liter tank, and an adult at least 100 gallons. What you're doing is about like having a Great Dane puppy in a shoe box can not leave.

Best way to feed your flowerhorn

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