Fluorescent Aquarium

By · Saturday, January 9th, 2010

Fluorescent Aquarium

Aquarium light is an important characteristic of a tank. It provides benefits to both fish and plants in the aquarium. A common type of illumination used to aquariums is fluorescent tubes. It is considered as an appropriate type of lighting in a fishbowl. The use of this form of aquarium lighting has several advantages.

Many fish depend on their coloration and courtship signaling. As the light from the aquarium helps to improve the colors of the fish, helps the fish in these activities. Lighting fish aquarium also allows the fish to see their surroundings better. In particular, it helps them see their food and other fish. Plants depend on light to survive. They need light for photosynthesis and produce their own food. Moreover, in the process of photosynthesis, which provide the oxygen that is beneficial to fish. Best of all is that lighting enhances the beauty and color of the fish tank.

One of the most widely used forms of lighting is fluorescent aquarium. However, Water should only use fluorescent tubes that are designed especially for aquariums. One of the advantages of fluorescent lamps is that they produce too much heat and therefore have no detrimental effect on the temperature of aquarium water. The lower heat also allows the tubes are placed in a hood. Another advantages is that these tubes emit light from the portion of red and blue spectrum that corresponds to that of natural sunlight. Therefore serves as a good alternative to sunlight to fish. In addition, fluorescent tubes have a long life, an estimate of several thousand hours. Therefore, no need to change tubes often. This saves some costs. In fact, the fluorescent tubes are not expensive to buy and easy to maintain. They are also bright enough for use.

Lighting Fluorescent is available in different spectra. For example, there are white, blue and light pink tubes. White light tubes are designed to simulate the light the midday sun, while blue light tubes are to play the moonlight. Pink tubes are good at improving the colors of fish and plant growth improving. You may have an option to select the color that suits your needs.

The light from the aquarium, as shown above, provides benefits for fish and plants in the aquarium. The best part is that it can transform your fish tank a dark and dull to a bright and colorful. As seen from above, fluorescent lighting has several advantages. Most importantly, they are widely available and are inexpensive to install and maintain. Please visit Aquarium Lights website for more information

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