Foam Filter

By · Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Foam Filter

Why filter water from the shower?

Shower Filters protect your health and the health of your hair and can actually keep you from losing your hair. Remove chlorine from water and steam that envelops your body every time you take a shower. They soften the water to reduce soap scum and hard water deposits. They also reduce the oxidation and oxide minerals in the water of the shower. Chlorine, soap scum, hard water and oxide minerals are hard on the hair we have, and can damage the leather scalp and clog the pores of our present and inhibit hair new hair growth. The better question is "Why do not we filter our water in the shower?"

How is chlorine harmful?

We take up to 10 times more chlorine and other chemicals from shower water, and the American Journal of Public Health has documented a link between chlorine and breast, colon and bladder cancer, and listed a shower as a proportion of this exposure. When chlorine evaporates, it combines with other particles in the air in your shower to form chloroform gas which can be a contributor to asthma and other problems breathing. U.S. EPA confirms that due to chlorine in our shower water is very high level of chloroform gas in virtually every home in America today. That statistic alone is frightening. Hair loss is only one of the harmful chlorine results we can see. It seems that is only part of the series of health problems we face in our environment on a daily basis.

Filtered water is gentler on the hair and skin

More remarkable that health risks are cosmetic benefits of using a shower filter. By removing the chemicals from your water from the shower, there is a softer skin and the hair right away. Swimming in a chlorinated pool or hot tub or hot tub with chlorine makes your skin noticeably drier, dry skin and cause itching and some Sometimes rashes. Showering in filtered water is less drying and provides both skin and hair to retain moisture longer, giving it a more youthful and healthy and feel. In a warm shower the pores of the skin and scalp open allowing rapid absorption of chemicals such as chlorine found in the water and steam in the vicinity.

Chlorine and some other harmful chemicals vaporize at a lower temperature than water and more rapidly, so that the steam water we breathe and absorb through the skin while showering has highly concentrated levels of chlorine. Filtering water from the shower of the balances of water pH and keeps products harsh chemicals away from your skin and scalp, not to mention the lungs, leaving the skin, scalp and hair softer to the touch, and we all breathing easier! That prevent us from losing your hair through drying, breakage and clogging of hair follicles.

How Shower filters work?

There are 4 types of filtration methods used in shower filters. The most efficient way to filter the water warmer temperature, such as shower water is known as KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion). KDF is an alloy of copper and high purity zinc creates a small electrical charge when water flows through it. This forces the electric charge of chlorine combine with minerals in the water (calcium or alkaline mineral) to form a chloride harmless (a salt body chlelatable). KDF also removes lead, iron and hydrogen sulfide, and inhibits the growth of bacteria, algae and fungi. Removes carbon physically impurities in the water, because its surface is porous and sticky to the minerals to pass through it. The coal used in shower filters must be high quality, due to the hot water temperature.

Chlorgon is a chemical that is best combined with KDF method because it also converts the chlorine free and some combined chlorine molecules in the aforementioned harmless chlorides.

Crystals and magnets soften water by breaking up clusters of molecules water by reducing its size, making the water feel softer, allowing the soap and shampoo to foam up more.

How How I choose the right filter?

Shower filters in all shapes, sizes and cost levels. Some need to be replaced every 6-8 months, while others have removable filter cans that reduce the cost and are easier to do than replace the whole filter itself. KDF is the standard of an efficient filter, but when combined filtration media that can be more effective. Shower Filters only a great investment, but the proper shampoos, conditioners, skin products and nutrition contribute to a healthier body around. We use a complete system of products and health systems to address the effects of aging created by our environment, including hair loss. Dryness Skin and hair loss may be a thing of the past!

Carol is a freelance writer working in the healthcare industry for over 30 years. Her main interests are in promoting health care products that help men and women maintain their natural, youthful looks at any age. Her prime topic is the problem of hair loss, and strongly recommends the natural products available from Nutreve International Hair Therapy Systems.

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