Food Aquarium

By · Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Food Aquarium

Discus fish aquarium

A Fish Aquarium Discus is one of the most beautiful fish you might want to keep. These wonderful little creatures are great pets to keep in an aquarium. With its beauty comes a price however. Discus are very temperamental creatures. They are not like Wally World special fish you see in a major retailer. Discus require close attention to keep them healthy. Do not let that fact intimidate however. With a little guidance that can be on your way to marinate a beautiful "disco aquarium fish" aquarium.

Aquarium Fish disk – First Council

The point I would first like to address is the balance of aquarium. What I mean by the balance of the aquarium is much discussion about how you should maintain an aquarium. The general rule of thumb is to keep only one fish disk per 10 gallons of water your tank can hold. Discus as a space to move in order to use this guide and you save yourself the overcrowding of the fish.

Aquarius Fish disk – Second Council

The second tip I would share it on the tank size and shape. First up is a tank. Discus prefer a large tank size. Would you like a tank that is higher than for longer. For example, if you had a tank that was 6 feet long and 18 cm depth had better try to find 3 feet high and 4 meters wide. This is what I mean by high Discus tanks taste. However, it was said that if he had a tank as the first one I mentioned. Not suggest that you run out and buy a new tank. These are just some guidelines to follow. They are not gospel but as a rule, want to have at least an 18 "tank depth. I personally would not recommend anything smaller than a 35 gallon tank. This is just my personal opinion. Do not use anything like less than 35 gallons, because the smaller the tank the harder it is to keep the water. I also like to have more than 3 fish.

Discus fish aquarium — Third Council

The third Council I will share with you is about food. Discus are creatures of habit. When bringing home new disk, make sure to ask the breeder or keeper of the type of fish food they were feeding the fish. While not requiring special diets Disco, as the food they do not suddenly change. When they want to feed them different food. Give them to eat new foods in small doses. Do this for a couple of weeks, the dose increase. This will keep the fish no stress during the change of food.

Discus fish aquarium – Fourth Council

The tip of the fourth in this series is one of the most important tips you need to know. It is water quality. Maintaining the clean water chemistry and stable is a must! First you need to keep ensuring clean water change when necessary.

Now let me details of chemistry. The water temperature is appropriate for discussion between 82 and 86 degrees F. It is also necessary to test the hardness. The water should be soft, between 3 and 15dH. The pH level is an important next. This must be between 5 and 6.5.

PH is probably the most important factor that most fish keepers have some problems with. Discus do not like to jeopardize these factors PH. They survive in conditions pH of other however, do not be fooled into. The fish can live and even reproduce. The problem is that it always stood out and their life expectancy will be compromised. The end result is always testing the water conditions and very gradual changes, as needed. When you make drastic changes in the chemistry that does more harm than good in fish causing a great deal of stress.

About The Author:

Steve Jones is an avid fish keeper who owns an aquarium shop in upper Michigan. You can also view his Aquarium Discus Fish website for more tips on taking care of your aquarium discus fish.

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