Food Kent

By · Monday, June 29th, 2009

Food Kent
How old do you have to get a job?

I would like to work as a cashier, or to put things on the shelves of the chapters, Zellers, Sears, bluenotes, American Eagle, Stitches, Canadian Tire, Kent, Home Depot or Dollarama. Also, if you can think of any other place where can work when you're 15 years old (almost 16) who are not related to food. After they appreciated. Please, just tell me about the applicable rules in Canada. Thank you!

I went to Canada this summer and it was beautiful. Anyway I do not know how old you must be before he can obtain employment in Canada I know in the U.S. U can be 14 and get a job. but I know how you do not feel like working in a fast food restaurant if I were you I would stay with American Eagle Outfitters. 🙂

Kent’s Fast Food Defence Colony Delhi

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