Fountain Heads

By · Friday, January 1st, 2010

Fountain Heads

Have you ever seen a cockroach race? It's amazing how after opening the doors of the little things that begins to run all over the place, as if his heads were on fire and looking for a source of water for diving not realize he had to jump to his death. Well, that's a bit what it feels like to do Christmas shopping. Let's face it, everyone waited until the last minute. It is December 24 and suddenly we realize that we have 100 gifts to get and 1 hour to get them. What hell we do?

The madness of Christmas shopping. And make no mistake, madness is exactly what it is. The lines at the mall at the checkout going in circles several times. The parking lots are so stuffed that you have to put your car in another time zone. You'll get more exercise walking to the store you have everything year, shopping for food. The roughness of borders in the crime. And if all this were not bad enough, he has girls cosmetics has stationed five feet distance, everyone tries to sell the latest perfume, if you are male or female, old or not even old enough to shave. No matter. There is money to be made.

But Believe it or not, there is a way to avoid this. Christmas shopping need not be an adventure in jungle warfare. You do not need to take your life in your hands in the streets or at the stores. There is a better way. Okay, so what is it? When is the best time to do your Christmas shopping? Are there alternatives to trekking to the centers trade?

The best time to do your Christmas shopping is right after Thanksgiving, but not the next day. Most shops will have their first Christmas sales right after Thanksgiving and sales usually last for the weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The right day after Thanksgiving is as bad as Christmas Eve. Everyone is running out to get those great deals. But on Saturday, or Sunday, the rush has subsided considerably and you can get the same question without too much trouble. In this way save money while they beat the crowd.

If saving money not a priority and you really want to have to go empty shops, their stores are better times between 1 and 15 December. You're sure to find that you are over the only shop at this time. The roads are pretty clear too.

What if you do not want to go shopping at all? No problem. Today day, with Internet being what it is, you can do your Christmas shopping online. Many companies even have special delivery conditions should promise to be their application before Christmas. Some even offer next day delivery for a very reasonable price.

Shopping at Christmas time does not necessarily be a real pain in the neck. With a little planning and a lot of alternatives, Christmas shopping can actually be a pleasant experience.

That is until you get the bill for credit card in the mail.

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