Fountain Pond

By · Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Fountain Pond
Make a pond or fountain?

Our house is about 1 hectare in the country, and most of our earth is our garden! The courtyard is a large open space w / a pine tree near the road and away from our house. Therefore, we wanted to make our yard look "of open eyes, either by adding a small pond w / stones and flowers, or adding a source w / stones and flowers too! Has anyone experiance or just have good ideas or suggestions? Thanks in advance! ♥ Mommy 2 B: 10/22/07 ♥

I am a professional gardener and I believe his idea excellent to put an item into the water, but not a beginner project unless you have a knack for this sort of thing. Without knowing where in the U.S. I would live a normal feature running water, while more difficult, it is best at everything, mosquitoes breed in stagnant water, so having a small waterfall or font does not help attract (most of) these types annoying. When thinking about water plants, think ferns, lilies, or Salix discolor (the Latin name, common name Yahoo sensor is something outside, fun, but I guess Google is the proper Latin name for the common name) – especially since if you live in a winter / cold zone the stems will "winter interest", plus there are a lot of ornamental grasses that may be in or near water. (any CETER garden Confidence must be able to help with this) They make a striking statement large and are easy to care, rather than grow fast (so you can buy small, save money and in two years will be twice as big!) Good luck with your project and make the tones of research and you'll do great!

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